Freedom Life Funeral Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Only if they are deemed to be your spouse for the purpose of the policy.

A spouse of the policyholder is someone who is:

  1. legally married to the policyholder, or
  2. able to prove, to the satisfaction of the insurer, that for at least six consecutive months, he or she has been the partner of the policyholder in a serious relationship akin to a monogamous marriage between 2 persons, or
  3. in a union recognised in terms of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act.

Yes, provided they are under the age of 70 when added to the policy. Up to 6 extended family members can be covered for an additional premium per person. Contact our call centre on 0876 250 693 for assistance. (Also see "Can I cover my whole family?")
Covered Minimum Entry age Maximum Entry age Maximum insured persons per policy
Policyholder 18 years <65 years 1
Spouse 16 years <65 years 1
Children 0 years <21 years(students <26 years, disabled children whole of their life) 6
Stillbirth 28 weeks pregnant 0 years
Extended Family 0 years <70 years 6

The policy’s standard premium covers the policyholder, a spouse and up to 6 children. Up to 6 extended family members can then also be covered for an additional premium per person. Parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, brothers & sisters, nieces & nephews as well as sons & daughters can be added to the policy schedule as extended family members, as long as they are younger than 70 when added to the policy. Contact our call centre on 0876 250 693 for assistance.

The policy will automatically terminate when the policyholder dies, or the policyholder fails to pay the premiums. Cover for insured children terminate when they die, reach the age of 21 years (or 26 years if a full time student) or if they are no longer nominated by the policyholder to be covered. Cover for the insured spouse will terminate when he or she dies or is no longer nominated by the policyholder to be covered.
Failure to pay premiums in full will result in the policy being terminated and no benefits being paid. There is a grace period of 1 month to repay a missed premium.
The policy will be suspended as soon as a premium, or any part thereof, is not paid on the due date. Should the full missed premium not be paid within a calendar month of its due date then the insurer may terminate the policy from the date that the missed premium was due. The policy will be reinstated on receipt of the full missed premium within the calendar month period, or on any other terms and conditions determined by the insurer in its sole discretion.
No benefit will be payable by the insurer in the event, directly or indirectly, is caused by, arises or results from, is contributed to by, or is traceable to: war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether declared or not), civil war, mutiny, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power, participation in labour disturbances, riots, demonstrations, strikes or lock-outs, acting in the course and scope of employment in military, naval, air or police services of any country or international authority, Wilful exposure to danger (except in an attempt to save a human life), intentional self-inflicted injury, or suicide or attempted suicide within the first 2 years following the commencement of the policy, engaging in aviation, other than as a fare paying passenger in a fixed wing aircraft, provided and operated by an airline or air charter company, which is duly licensed for the regular transportation of fare paying passengers, the influence of alcohol or an injury or illness sustained when the blood alcohol content of any insured person exceeded the level permitted by the road traffic laws of the country where the hospital confinement and/or bodily injury took place, or the intentional inhalation of fumes, or the influence of drugs or narcotics, unless administered by a registered member of the health profession or unless prescribed by and taken in accordance with the instructions of a registered member of the health profession, and not for the treatment of drug addiction, any involvement in any criminal activity as a willing participant, hazardous activities such as, but not limited to, racing, bungee jumping and extreme sports, or exposure to radioactivity, atomic energy, nuclear reaction, terrorism, nuclear or biological or chemical hazards and warfare agents.
Covers Waiting period
Accidental death none
Natural death – either from date of policy activation or from date added (for spouse, child and/or extended family added after activation) 6 months
Stillbirth 6 months
Suicide 2 years
The policy can be canceled within 31 days after the commencement date and all premiums paid during this period will be refunded to the policyholder. If the policy is cancelled more than 31 days after commencement, no premiums will be refunded.
The policyholder may nominate one beneficiary to receive payment of the death benefit in the event of his or her death, by notifying the insurer through the Website, USSD* number or Call Centre.
If no nomination is received by the insurer prior to the death of the policyholder, or the beneficiary nomination is invalid due to the nominated beneficiary not surviving the policyholder, or the nomination not being in the prescribed format, then the benefit will be payable to a court appointed beneficiary.
Each party may cancel the policy by giving at least 31 days prior written notice to the other party. The policy will terminate on the last day of the calendar month and no pro-rata premiums will be refunded.
If a spouse, child or extended family member is added to the policy as an insured person, no benefits will be paid in respect of death of the newly added spouse or child due to natural causes for the first 6 months after the new insured person is added.
Please contact our call centre on 0876 250 693 for assistance with removing a dependant from the policy. After a person is removed, they will no longer be covered.

The claim must be lodged with the insurer within three months following the date of death, otherwise the claim will not be considered by the insurer and no benefits will be paid.

You can log a claim through the following channels:

The claim process can be onerous. The insurer typically requires: A certified copy of the death certificate; A certified copy of the police report if it is an accidental death; A certified copy of the deceased’s ID; A certified copy of a BI-1663/BI-1680 or DHA-1663/DHA-1680 form (forms completed by the doctor on death); A certified copy of the claimant’s ID; and A a certified copy of a bank statement from the claimant.

The policy and cover will commence on the day that the insurer has accepted the policyholder’s application, and provided the insurer has received the premium. Cover in respect of an accidental death is immediately applicable after the commencement of the policy but cover for a natural death only after the 6 month waiting period.
The maximum amount of cover a member can have is R75 000, across all Freedom Life funeral policies on which a person is ensured. For children ages 0 to 5, the limit is R10 000 and for children ages 6 to 13 the limit is R30 000. Additional limits apply to extended family. Refer to "Can I cover my whole family?"
South Africans citizens aged 18 to 64.
A maximum of 6 children are covered under the standard premium. Additional children can be added as extended family members for a per-person premium.
Yes, but only once you’ve added them to the policy. The standard 6 months waiting period will also apply for natural death claims.
Coverage lasts until the child turns 21 or 26 for students. The 21 year old can then apply for their, own policy or be added as extended family to the existing policy (for an additional fee).
Premiums should be paid by the policyholder's selected payment date, every month.
Yes, at any Shoprite, USave or Checkers Money Market counter. You can also pay at any store that accepts EasyPay – just use your EasyPay reference number.
The insurer may review the premiums twice a year on the 1st of January and the 1st of July, but only for the reasons specified in the terms & conditions.
We will let you know at least 30 days in advance if your premium is likely to increase.
Failure to pay premiums in full will result in the policy being terminated and no benefits being paid. There is a grace period of 1 month to repay a missed premium.
You must have available the ID numbers for yourself and for the dependants that you want to add to the policy.
The insurer is Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (“OMART”), registration number 1997/008994/06, a registered long-term insurer in terms of the Long-term Insurance Act. The insurer is a member of the Old Mutual Group.
No, only immediate and extended family.
Yes. They can also be added as extended family to the current policy (for a fee), but the waiting period will again apply.
You should contact us immediately at the call centre on 0876 250 693.
You can update your policy details through the call centre (0876 250 693), USSD (*120*1049#) or on the website (www.freedomlife.co.za)
Yes, as long as the change does not cause you to miss a payment.
Extended family members that are over the age of 64 (i.e. 65+) when added to the policy, has a 9 month waiting period in respect of death due to natural causes. The waiting period for all other dependents is 6 months in respect of death due to natural causes.
No, a cash lump sum gets paid out to the beneficiary to do with as they see fit.
Yes. You will need to speak to one of our agents on 0861 689 689 to arrange the downgrade.
The claim must still be lodged through either the call centre (0876 250 693), USSD (*120*1049#) or on the website (www.freedomlife.co.za) but we might also require additional documentation.
No. A cash lump sum gets paid out to the beneficiary to do with as they see fit.
SMSs will keep you informed of every step of the claim. A consultant will be in touch with you to verify your claim details. This call is very important, by answering it and questions from the consultants you are able to speed up your claim.